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Aston Villa FC

  • Category Behavioural and mindset upskilling
  • Client Aston Villa FC
  • Start Date 2022
  • Handover Current
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Creating a behavioural and mindset upskilling programme for players wanting to develop themselves.

Alongside Aston Villa’s Education and Welfare team, Humanise Solutions designed a Personal Development Programme focusing on  personal awareness. The PDP allowed players to improve their ability to absorb information, accelerate their maturity  curve, and embark on a journey to adopt a personally accountable mindset. 

We devised the programme to create greater self-awareness of personal and professional identity, manage their  processes for a deeper understanding of need, and create a collaborative “social awareness” environment to increase  cohesiveness in the training environment and develop a better appreciation of others. 

Our programme’s development allows learners to progress their dynamic growth without consequences and in a safe  space without repercussions. 

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Evaluating Effectiveness

The programme has been a significant investment for Aston Villa FC, both financially and personally, so the importance of monitoring its success was vital. Robust monitoring systems had to be utilised to provide real-time feedback and continued reporting for a proactive data-led evaluation.

Humanise Solutions developed an evaluation approach that included live feedback during and after each e-learning module and interactive 1-2-1 personal coaching sessions. Furthermore, the technology offers participation data that gave Aston Villa FC live insights, such as when a learner last logged in or how far into a specific content element they were. br>
After each e-learning module, the learners participated in an assessment to ensure they understood the material. Via a feedback loop, the learners could also offer reflections, extend requests for further learning, and provide comments to improve Humanise Solution’ delivery.

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Throughout the programme, we obtained feedback allowing the Humanise Solutions team to restructure or enhance the following delivery methods. The positive disruptive nature of our learning activity challenged the players to think about their daily tasks and problems and how best to approach them. This method offers both professional and personal acceleration.

Working closely with the football club, the learners have received a digital badge of accreditation for use on their CVs, LinkedIn and elsewhere. Our industry-leading approach offers a benchmarked standard for personal development with personalisation for maximum impact - Learning driven by the learner.